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Fair trade + Sustainable + Handmade 


Our goal is to help the Mexican Indigenous communities and expand their business outside of Mexico, always with quality materials and exclusive designs.


We work with local craftsmen by combining our modern style with their contemporary techniques. This partnership allows us a combination of premium quality and international style.

Our products are based on the fusion of modernity with the centuries-old techniques of the Mexican people, which makes them unique works of art.

Behind each of our products is an individual story and several weeks of work from these talented people.

We think that direct contact with the craftsman is the best way to work without middlemen, so that the craftsmen are well paid.


Our house is our family, our taste, our travels. If you can not travel to Mexico to buy these beautiful products yourself, we bring them for you.

Each piece is handmade, inspired in Mexican culture and available only in limited quantities.

Through our commitment to fair wages, a happy working environment and sustainable grants, our craft partners are able to bring their craft and businesses to new places.

Umale helps the environment with all sustainable processes.

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